Garra Rufa Fish Therapy - Origin

The origin of "doctor fish" is in Turkey, Syria and countries around. The firs evidence of therapeutical use of the fish is in the spa use in Turkey. It is believed that the inhabitants of Turkey had already known about the healing and beauty qualities of this fish before even scientists gave it a name.

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History of Garra Rufa

The history of the use dates back to 1800 when people from different places started to visit springs where this kind of fish liced. Just a short time after that crude pools were starting to be built in order to bring all the benefits of this healing fish miracle. Since the results and healing effect on the skin were discovered, the fish has spread into spas and beauty salons all over the world. You can now experience treatment with Garra Rufa personally.

The beauty of the nature

Basically the canistherapy or hipotherapy cannot be performed with each client due to possible allergical reaction. Therefore for these clients Garra Rufa is an ideal friend. Or try to touch an aquarium fish. No go. But with Garra Rufa you can be in direct physical contact and let them heal you at the same time.

Reasons to try Garra Rufa

  • reasonable prices
  • help with skin problems
  • direct contact with the nature
  • highly effective therapeutical method

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