Branches of Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise)

The idea of Thai Massage in Prague is no more a nonsense. We have had plenty of satisfied clients in Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise). They all were satisfied, relaxed and well-balanced. Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) is there for its clients. In Prague we have already opened 4 salons.

Just choose the nearest salon and let your body and soul spoilt with a Thai massage.

Thai massage Prague - our salons:

  • Václavské náměstí 18, Praha 1
  • Mostecká 22, Praha 1
  • Celetná 9, Praha 1
  • Staroměstské náměstí 16, Praha 1

Thai massage from experienced therapists

Thai massage from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Our experienced therapists are looking forward to seeing you every day. Try the healing items of acupressure in the form of Thai massage. It has never been easier. Just choose one of three salons of Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise).

Salons Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) and their genius loci

Get rid of everyday stressful situations and leave the worries behind the doors of Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise). Live for the present moment and let your body and soul be perfectly relaxed in harmony. Choose in our variety of provided Thai massage the one that best fits your current needs. The prices in Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) are more than client-friendly.

Thai Massage in Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise)

Feel free to find certain time just for yourself. Visit Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) which is alway open to serve our clients. No matter if you have no previous experience. Just trust our skilled and well-qualified therapists.

Thai massage and its unique qualities

  • experience the filosofy and extraordinary magic of Thai massage
  • Thai massage Prague - powerful healing art from the Far East has never been so easily accessible and closer
  • Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) studios - an oases in the heart of the city

Visit Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) studios

Do you suffer from backaches and muscle aches? Are you under excessive pressure at work? Lack time and space for effective relaxation? Stop solving WHEN and WHERE. The time has come right now and the solution is Thajský ráj (Thai Paradise) and its studios. Thai massage Prague is suitable for instant refreshment and relaxation as well as for long term rehabilitation

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Akce - Thajské masáže

Kontakt - Thajské masáže


Václavské nám. 18, Praha 1


+420 773 222 223


Staroměst. nám. 16, Praha 1


+420 774 222 211


Mostecká 22, Praha 1


+420 776 222 227


Celetná 9, Praha 1


+420 776 222 220


Karlova 14, Praha 1


+420 773 222 224

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